The Lung Working Group, led by physician, Dr. Shruti Jolly (Michigan Medicine/MROQC Coordinating Center) and Dr. Peter Paximadis (Corewell Health South), and medical physicist, Dr. Martha Matuszak (Michigan Medicine/MROQC Coordinating Center), is currently working to identify ways to improve lung cancer treatment for patients across the state of Michigan. 

Areas of Current & Ongoing Focus:

  • Treatment technique and lung/esophagus toxicity evaluation (IMRT vs. 3DCRT)
  • Impact of pretreatment cardiac disease and radiation doses on long term heart complications
  • Understanding factors that contribute to poor patient outcomes post lung cancer treatment
  • Uptake and toxicity implications of Immunotherapy in definitive lung cancer treatment
  • Disparities in Lung Cancer Care
  • Improving Quality of Radiation Treatment Plan and Delivery  
      • Lung Target Delineation
      • Lung Target Coverage and Normal Tissue Dose Constraints
      • Lung Motion Assessment
      • Knowledge Based Planning (KBP) to improve radiation plan quality


Tools: MROQC Lung Pneumonitis Predication App