Dan Spratt, MD

Translational Consultant
Prostate Project Co-Lead

Dan Spratt, MD, is a leader in Genitourinary and CNS malignancies. In addition to his medical training at Vanderbilt University where he obtained his medical degree, he completed his radiation oncology residency at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  He completed a research fellowship focused on androgen receptor signaling and non-invasive imaging in prostate cancer. Dr. Spratt is the Chief of the Genitourinary Radiotherapy Program, co-chairs the Genitourinary Division of Clinical Research, co-leads the LAPS cooperative group trial efforts, is the founder and director the Spine Oncology Program at the U of M, is the co-chair for the radiobiology and radiotherapy working group for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, serves as the lead on the American College of Radiology Unsealed Source national guidelines, and is a member of the NRG Genitourinary Core Committee for national clinical trials.

Dr. Spratt has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals on the topics of prostate cancer and CNS and spinal malignancies and has developed novel prognostic models to assess the aggressiveness of a patient’s cancer using not only clinical and pathologic features, but also genomic markers. His laboratory focuses on the interaction of androgen signaling and DNA repair in prostate cancer and methods to overcome radiation resistance. He runs novel phase I/II clinical trials to improve treatment outcomes and reduce side effects from cancer treatment.