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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact if my hospital is interested in joining the MROQC consortium?
To find out more about MROQC, contact the Project Manager, via email at support@mroqc.org or via phone at 1-888-97-MROQC. Recruitment of additional sites is conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on an annual basis (sometimes more than once per year).

What is required in order for my hospital to be eligible to participate?
All MROQC participating sites must treat at least 150 cancer cases (regardless of tumor site) with radiation therapy each year. Participating sites are required to designate a physician Clinical Champion, a Physics Lead, and Administrative Lead, and to assign sufficient staff to manage the collection and management of clinical and physics data for each patient enrolled in the study.

What regulatory requirements must be met for participation?
A Data Use Agreement must be signed between each participating site and the University of Michigan (where consortium data is stored and managed).
IRB approval is also required for participating in this quality improvement effort. The Project Manager can assist with providing details relevant to IRB approval and informed consent requirements.

What kind of time commitment will be required to participate in this project?
MROQC data collection requires the effort of a data coordinator to facilitate collection of clinical data from medical providers as well as patient survey data, and from a dosimetrist to collect technical details regarding treatment planning and delivery for each patient. We estimate that for every 174 patients enrolled, 0.10 FTE will be required of a dosimetrist, and 0.9 FTE will be required of a data coordinator. Physicians treating patients with breast and lung cancer will be asked to complete brief data forms at the time of patient visits; each form takes only seconds to complete.

Will our data be audited?
Yes, the Program Evaluation Specialist from the MROQC Coordinating Center will audit the clinical and patient survey data collected at all sites 1-2 times per year. The MROQC Physics Assistant will also audit the physics data collected at each site 1-2 times per year. Data will be audited for completeness and accuracy.

Will other participating sites have access to our data?
Aggregate consortium data is shared only in a blind fashion so that each participating site can compare their performance against others in the consortium, without being able to identify or link performance data to specific hospitals.

Will BCBSM or BCN have access to our data?
The MROQC Coordinating Center will provide BCBSM with aggregate data regarding each site’s performance based on the

For Participating Sites
Click here for access to the MROQC Knowledge Base and Resources Page. Authentication is required for access to this page.

Click here for access to the MROQC Database. Authentication is required.

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