What is a CQI?

Collaborative Quality Initiatives transform care processes, improve outcomes, save money, enhance community well-being.

• Statewide quality improvement initiatives, developed and executed by Michigan physicians and hospital partners with funding and support from BCBSM and the HMO subsidiary, Blue Care Network
• In most cases, a CQI project relies on a comprehensive clinical registry which includes patient risk factors, processes of care, and outcomes of care
• Physicians, hospitals, and health systems collaborate to measure and improve the standard of care in Michigan by focusing on reduction of errors, prevention of complications, and improvement of patient outcomes
• CQIs promote partnerships with physicians, physician groups and hospitals to create strong collaboration and reward systems for the transformation of health care.


BCBSM's CQI Overview Presentation



Hospitals and physicians collect and share data to develop best practices around areas of care with high costs, high variation and scientific uncertainty (i.e. best practices not known).

With the majority of hospitals collecting and sharing data, areas of opportunity can be identified – and acted upon – quicker.

Locus of control remains with the providers – complete, accurate, risk adjusted, confidential, provider-owned data.

Trust is the foundation of the partnership. BCBSM does not see any identified data; ownership of the data remains with the Collaborative.



Cross-group/institution collaboration yields more than competition on quality: • Improvement catalyzed by sharing best practices • More can be learned from variation in care processes and outcomes across groups • Allows more robust analyses of link between processes and outcomes of care than can be achieved by examining one group