MROQC Participation Payment & FTE Model

2023 MROQC FTE Funding Model (Subject to change annually)

Participating MROQC sites receive an annual Participation Payment for full-time equivalent (FTE) funding* based on their case volume through the generous support of BCBSM-BCN. This payment is intended to cover a portion of data abstraction costs for entering not only BCBSM cases but also those cases who are insured by other payers-including those who are government insured or even uninsured as well (projected to be approximately 84% of total cases).

The 2023 MROQC FTE model is based off of a site case volume of 200 patients

* FTE amount is based on a percentage of a fully-loaded RN salary of $107,903. (84% of $107, 903=$90,639) 

FTE=#of cases/200
FTE x 107,903 x 0.84 = FTE payment

125/200 =.63
.63 x 107,903 x 0.84 = $57,102

Participation Payments are sent out to our member sites in June. 

A single FTE should be expected to effectively manage 200 eligible cases, and the site should staff the MROQC project accordingly with a Clinical Data Abstractor (CDA) to coordinate capture of clinical data and patient reported outcomes, and a physicist or dosimetrist to report technical details of treatment planning and delivery.