How to join MROQC

Since 2011, MROQC has been a platform for both comparative effectiveness research and quality improvement. Our work has allowed us to move the needle in a positive direction with clinically meaningful endpoints and our success in breast and lung cancers has allowed us to expand to other clinical indications (bone metastases and prostate cancer). The MROQC Coordinating Center works in partnership with our members by sharing data to develop best practices in areas of care with high variation and costs. 

To participate in MROQC, a site must meet the following criteria:

  • Treat a minimum of 150 new breast, lung, and prostate cancer cases per year plus patients being treated for bone metastases (with a primary cancer of: breast, lung, prostate, melanoma or renal cell)
  • Identify a radiation oncologist Clinical Champion to lead participation in collaborative quality improvement efforts
  • Identify an onsite medical physicist to act as the Physics Lead.
  • Designate a representative from Physics/Dosimetry to collect dosimetry data for patients enrolled.
  • Identify an administrative champion to act as the Administrative Lead.
  • Engage and/or hire appropriate Clinical Data Abstractor (CDA) support
  • Identify and enroll all eligible patients to the MROQC projects
  • Commit to active participation in collaborative quality improvement activities
  • Contribute case data to the MROQC database in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with the MROQC coordinating center and other participating sites, including sharing and learning from best practices

For more detailed information on how your site can join MROQC, please email the MROQC Program Manager, Melissa Mietzel, at